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Process Management and Process Automation

ecPROMAN is a process management framework which may be applied as an all-purpose tool in any company areas where processes or different variations of processes have to be carried out recurringly.

ecPROMAN enables users to generate process sequences, to store them and to carry them out over and over again. Addtionally, existing process sequences may be changed easily and generate as many variants as desired.

By its capabilities to integrate almost any software tool, ecPROMAN may be adapted to individual and department specific requirements.

Possible application areas and a selection of tools supported by ecPROMAN:

  • Development areas focusing on MATLAB / Simulink
    • MATLAB / Simulink
    • Different Version Control Systems
    • Different Compiler environments
    • ecVERSIM
    • ecDIFF & MERGE
    • ecSTYLE
    • ecSIM-Viewer
    • additional Simulation-Data-Management Tools from ExpertControl
    • Microsoft Office

  • Automation areas focusing on measurement and control engineering
    • LabVIEW
    • ecICP
    • RTAC
    • Microsoft Office

  • Quality management focusing on test-bench operations
    • LabVIEW
    • ecICP
    • ecCST
    • Microsoft Office

Your desired area or software is not included? Please contact us to talk about it.