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is an innovative and dynamic company offering powerful software products for CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) applications.

Feedback Control Design

Simulation Data Management

Feedback Control Experiments

With the products ecICP, ecCST and AptiBox, for many years ExpertControl defines the state-of-the-art in the area of feedback control, worldwide.

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Within the context of Simulation Data Managment (SDM), ExpertControl provides products increasing efficiency for MATLAB / Simulink based developments:

ExpertControl offers attractive control experiments at exceptionally competitive prices.
The variety of our offerings is based on a complementary portfolio by partnering and own developments.

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AptiBox - Bus Bridging, Rapid Control Prototyping, Controller Bypassing

07/23/2012 - [ more Information ... ]

With AptiBox, ExpertControl offers an extremely flexible and cost effective hardware for Bus bridging, rapid control prototyping and controller by-passing. AptiBox comes as a turn-key system or as a flexble prototyping system for various applications.

New Distributor in Japan

03/01/2011 - [ more Information ... ]

As of March 1, 2011 A.I.Corporation is ExpertControl's new sales partner for Japan.

ecDIFF and ecSIM Viewer also available as Freeware

12/10/2010 - [ more Information ... ]

Free Simulink® Differ and Model Viewer - More efficiency in model-based development with MATLAB® / Simulink®.
ExpertControl now offers also freeware versions of ecDIFF and ecSIM-Viewer.