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Our goal is to become the leader in offering easy-to-use technical software including advanced analysis and design technologies to be used in industrial environments - without the need for the user to know about the underlying theoretical background. This software shall be available for different commercial and company owned development environments.

Advanced automated methodologies and tools in the fields of modeling and control and providing them as ready-to-use in industry are key aspects and focus of our work.

Company Profile

ExpertControl was founded in 2002 by Dr. Helmuth Stahl with the focus to deliver powerful software tools for CAE applications such as model based development and feedback control design.
Since then, ExpertControl was constantly growing within a market where software solutions have to meet high technology requirements when complicated engineering tasks shall be solved.
Although CAE applications such as Model Based Development with MATLAB / Simulink ™ and Feedback Control Design within simulation or real-time environments are constantly growing, ExpertControl tools are continuously worldwide unique solutions, thanks to the highest grade of automation.
ExpertControl is based in Munich, Germany, and operates with distribution partners in USA, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and India to support the products worldwide.

Quality Assurance:

ExpertControl SDM and FCD solutions support engineers to work according to MAAB, IEC 61508, ISO 26262.

Main fields of application:

  • R&D - Model-Based Development → SDM
  • Test Bench Engineering → FCD
  • Industrial Automation → FCD